The situation in Thailand is slowly normalizing, affecting the tourism in a positive way

It’s been around two months since the military took power in Thailand and the world witnessed some unpleasant scenes of empty streets and worried faces in the land of smiles. Probably the most unpopular measure implemented by the military authorities was the curfew. Because of the curfew and the whole political situation the number of tourists in Thailand has significantly dropped resulting in cancelation of many booked rooms and tourist arrangements.

However, the chaotic scenes are now gone and turns are slowly getting back to normal. Ten days ago the military has decided to eliminate the orders for curfew in several popular tourist destinations in Thailand like (Phuket Island, Koh Samui etc.) and few other regions where there were no protests and incidents in the past year. These measures had instant effect because the tourist workers were faced with decreased number of customers, especially those working in the nightlife industry (in the past month the nightlife was practically nonexistent because of the curfew that took place between 10 PM and 5 AM). Since there were no incidents once the curfew was lifted the military decided to completely lift the curfew in all regions. This means that the tourists can now completely enjoy the beauties of Thailand once again. The reason for this newest measure of the authorities is that the threat of violence is gone according to them. However the political protests and gathering are still banned and the increased presence of military personnel in all the major cities and infrastructural objects is visible.

Latest news suggests that the new elections can take place as early as August and that’s certainly good news for tourism as it is for the whole society. The hopes are that the new elections will finally bring some changes and resolution to the 5 year long political crisis in Thailand. A possible positive outcome will probably affect  the economy and tourism in a positive way and Thailand will find a way to exploit all of its natural beauties in a better way!