Phuket Island News – Patong Beach big clean-up

Phuket Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand and in the world too. People travel for hundreds of miles to visit this incredible island. There are dozens of places worth visiting there. However, there are only few of them that must be visited. One of these places is Patong Beach. This beach attracts visitors from around the globe and it looks like men find this place a lot more interesting than women. The reason behind this interest may be the number of friendly Thai women that hang out in this part of the island. The nightlife on Patong beach is amazing and any person that is ready to have fun will find this location to be the perfect spot for that. Still, many people want to enjoy in this place during the day too but there is usually one problem. The water on Patong beach is usually not that clean. It’s because of its specific location and all sort of debris (both natural and artificial) can be seen there in some days. This depends on ocean current.
Those who want to enjoy the beach, the water and the nightlife in Patong Beach will enjoy the latest news that come from this unforgettable place. Local and state authorities in Phuket have decided to take an action and clean this beach. The action took place both in the water and on the beach. Most of the thrash was created by the illegal massage tables and stands that were placed on the beach. These objects were removed two weeks ago and the first results were seen after only few days. The big clean-up was monitored by experts in order to avoid any damage to the natural beauty of this beach. It took several days to clean the 4 kilometers long beach.
This is a great measure to attract more travelers to this part of Phuket and in Thailand in general. Thailand has amazing natural beauties and with proper maintenance these beauties can drive more and more tourists from every corner of the world.

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