Best Places to Travel in 2014

There are dozens of places around the world that are worth visiting. Whether you want to travel in order to enjoy a warm sea and beautiful beaches or you want to explore the wilderness and enjoy the sunset our beautiful planet can offer more than one beautiful place for that. Thanks to the advance of the internet and the transportation some of the remote travel destinations are now closer than ever. We have chosen 5 places that are considered to be a real hit for this year.
Seychelles – One of the first things that cross our minds when someone mentions Seychelles are palm trees, white sands shining on the sun and corals under the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean. The real beauty of this country is in its long sandy beaches, scenic surroundings and the feeling that you have travelled to a place that is untouched by human hands.
Dubai – This is a city that is already living in the future. This is a place where you can see artificial islands in the shape of our world or a palm tree, the place where you can find the highest building in the world, one of the most beautiful hotels in the world and much more.
Maldives – If you have never been on the Maldives you can easily get a clue how they look if you imagine a group of islands spread like a necklace in the Indian Ocean, beaches where there is always room for any kind of activity and sea that looks like a huge pool where you can float around carelessly.
Thailand – The land of the smiles! Thailand will certainly impress you with the beautiful nature, amazing temples, archeological sites that witness the once powerful ancient kingdom, the warmness of the local population and the unforgettable cuisine. You can use one day exploring the modern metropolis Bangkok while the other day you can ride on the back of an elephant! Of course, don’t forget to visit the amazing islands – Phuket and Koh Samui.
Cuba – Pearly sea, sand between your fingers, waves that follow the rhythm of traditional Cuban music, cocktails in hundreds of flavors, Cohiba cigars…all these things can be seen and felt in Cuba! This is a country different than anything else that you have seen. Cuba is a country that will trigger all your senses and you will definitely want to come back there at least one more time.

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