Thailand Travel ideas

In the past 20 years Thailand has become a real leader in the region when it comes to tourism and in the past few years this country is on all the top lists of best tourist destinations. To put that in numbers, more than 20 million tourists decided to travel to this exotic destination located on the most beautiful place in Southeast Asia.
Probably the main reason why people decide to go in Thailand and even come back few times after their first visit is the variety of things to see and do in Thailand. Thailand has moderate/tropical climate which means that there are no typical winters (no snow) but this doesn’t mean that the landscape is the same all over the country. The northern part of Thailand is more mountainous and it has thick rainforests populated by various exotic animals. The eastern part of Thailand has plains and hills and this is the place where most of the food is produced.
The southern part is best known for the beautiful sandy beaches and unique islands that cannot be seen anywhere else on our planet. People living in Thailand are mostly Buddhist and their religion is probably the basis of their behavior – they are always calm, relaxed and nice. Tourists feel very comfortable around Thai people. Besides that even the minorities living there seem to adopt the same pattern of behavior. The smiling faces on the streets will certainly improve your mood.
The urban areas are world famous for their nightlife. The capital Bangkok is home to one of the biggest and most popular clubs in the world. The same goes for the tourist hotspots like Phuket Island for example. Besides the clubs you can enjoy your stay at some of the many restaurants and bars which often work until dawn.
The realization of these Thailand travel ideas is easy because of the well developed infrastructure that this Asian country has. You can choose to travel by plane, bus, car or even use a traditional tuk tuk to get wherever you want.
We hope that this article have encouraged you to visit this beautiful country!

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