5 Things to Do In Bangkok, Thailand

There are quite a multitude of sights and activities for you to enjoy in Bangkok, Thailand. In fact, once you begin to explore this city, you might even find yourself wanting to spend more time here. There are lots of things you can do in this bustling city of Thailand, and here are some suggestions.


Visit Wat Arun


Wat Arun is also known as the Temple of Dawn, and it is one of the most impressive temples in Bangkok. You will revel at the beauty of its colorful spires, as it stands reflected over the water of the Chao Phraya River. To get the most beautiful view of this temple, you should visit it during sunset, where the colors of the sky will serve as a magnificent backdrop for the temple.


Explore Chinatown


When you travel to Bangkok, Thailand, make sure that you pay its Chinatown a visit. This Chinatown is a Chinese community, with cultural traditions that have been preserved over time. In fact, this area used to house a lot of Opium dens, brothels and pawnshops. Now it is well known for its delicious restaurants, and other cultural oddities that will definitely be something that you will enjoy exploring. You can even find shops that sell fabric and gold here.


Take a Dinner Cruise


Bangkok is well known for the Chao Praya River, which shows the city at night in all its splendor. To enjoy this spectacular sight, you can take a dinner cruise along the river. You can enjoy a luxurious meal while enjoying the views as the city glitters in the night sky, amidst the cool breeze from the river.


Enjoy the Sights at Wat Pho


The iconic image of the Reclining Buddha is found here at Wat Pho, a temple compound with beautiful structures. You will enjoy exploring this area, as it is composed of many temples standing next to each other. Make sure that you explore the rest of the temples after visiting the Reclining Buddha.


Love the Bangkok Night Life


If you travel to Bangkok with friends, you will enjoy a “friends night out” at the Royal City Avenue or RCA. This is Bangkok’s famous clubbing area that is hopping seven days a week. From international DJs to local artists, from club dancing, to live concerts, it is a veritable area of entertainment that lets you experience the vibe and energy of Bangkok at night.



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