Cities in Europe that everyone should visit with their friends

Most of us love to travel and decided to pack when they have finished all their work and when they have the necessary funds. There are some destinations that are good to visit in the company of your boyfriends or girlfriend (husband or wife), but the destinations we will mention here are perfect to be visited by groups of friends who want to have some good time and unforgettable memories.

Rome, Italy

If you have decided to travel to Europe with your friends then Italy must be on your list of places that must be visited. Rome, also known as the Eternal City is a destination you will surely remember forever. Pasta, pizza, espresso and fashion are just some of the reasons why Rome should be one of the first choices when traveling to Europe. Of course, the Italian capital has many other things to offer like the Colosseum, the Spanish steps, Di Trevi fountain etc.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The Netherlands or Holland is a country that borders with Belgium and Germany. The capital city of this country is Amsterdam. What is typical for the capital and the whole country in general is the high level of tolerance. Things like prostitution, use of marijuana, gay marriages and euthanasia re all legal in the Netherlands. However, tolerance doesn’t mean anarchy so try to go to Amsterdam for the right reasons. Amsterdam is the home of many interesting buildings and attractions like the Van Gogh Museum, Rembrandt Museum, Leidseplein etc. You can go wherever you want with the railway.

Barcelona, Spain

If we look at Southwest Europe then we must mention Barcelona. Although this is not the capital city of Spain you can see many interesting there like Las Ramblas promenade, some of Gaudi’s work and between your walks you can sit in some restaurant and enjoy beautiful Spanish wine and music.

Prague, Czech Republic

Eastern Europe has its beauties too. Prague is a multimillion city on the river Vltava and the capital of the Czech Republic. The architecture in Prague is amazing and you will have the chance to see many different styles in one place. Visit the National Museum, Old City Square, Carl’s Bridge and have a glass of beer.

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