Top Travel Destinations in Asia

Asia is the largest continent in the world and it is no surprise why there are so many interesting travel destinations in every corner of Asia. This continent represents the most amusing destination for people who want to experience completely new fast-paced lifestyle of the big cities with rich and long culture and tradition. Asian travel destinations include staying at top-class hotels, buying products in shopping malls that feature the most expensive brands, tasty local cuisine and city tours. However, what makes Asia especially attractive is the diversity, so you can easily find cheap accommodation too while you can also bargain for the things you want to buy. Tourists can also visit some historic and cultural landmarks in Asia that are hundreds and even thousands of years old. In this article we will present top 3 destinations that you must visit if you want to travel to Asia.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is a real hit travel destination in the past two decades. There are millions of travelers who go there in order to see the beautiful palaces, the floating markets and experience the amazing nightlife. The capital city of Thailand has been featured in many popular movies too. What is interesting about Bangkok is that many people use it as a base to explore this exotic country rich in natural beauties.


Beijing, China

This is another popular destination that attracts visitors from all over the world. Beijing is offering historic attractions and some of them are older than 1.000 years. The most visited attractions in Beijing are the main royal palace, known as the Forbidden city, the Great Chinese Wall that goes through Beijing and the Tiananmen square.

Tokyo, Japan

Many travel magazines list Tokyo among the best travel destinations in the world. This is one of the richest cities in the world too and it has many thing to offer to its visitors like modern shopping centers, various art attractions and accommodation that is suitable for every budget. The most famous attractions include the National Museum of Science and Art and the garden of the Royal Palace.

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