Thailand, the home of ancient culture and rich entertainment industry, is arguably the best of all tourist destinations in Asia and probably the world. This beautiful country boasts of the finest high class hotels, restaurants, resorts, beautiful beaches and golf courses. Its wild nightlife activities are major attraction for the young and old.

Majority of individuals and tourists who have had the opportunity of travelling to Thailand, either for business or pleasure, considered it as a paradise on earth. They strongly hold the view that it is the tourist destination of choice for holidaymakers and honeymooners. It has an unequalled atmosphere for fun and enjoyment in every aspect of life.

Another notable thing about Thailand is that it has the best collection of world class hotels and lodgings for different types of people at affordable rates. Most of these hotels have very spacious rooms and suites with top range facilities and amenities for the use of the guests. The combination of their hospitality and excellent services ensure an enjoyable time for all visitors.

Thailand is a tropical country that is humid and hot most of the year with about three months of cool weather between December and February. As such, one of the best places to visit in the country is the beautiful beaches, apart from all other highly regarded historical sites. The beautiful blue seas and sandy beaches create a pleasurable calmness and warmth for beach lovers.

These fascinating beaches present an endless opportunity for engaging in different types of water sports and activities such as wind surfing, jet skiing, scuba diving, white water skiing, ship cruises and canoeing. Other non water activities that are also enjoyable are mountain biking, cave explorations, cultural shows and health clubs or Muay Thai training camps.

Intending travelers to Thailand must plan towards enrolling in one of the numerous Muay Thai training camps that dot the landscape of the ancient country. Muay Thai is a unique type of martial art and the most popular traditional sport in Thailand. It is a highly physical and combative sport that was initially developed thousands of years ago as defensive technique.

It combines the use of many parts of the body as a tool for offense and defense in combat. However, it has over the years grown to be considered one of the best fitness and health exercise in the world. It is very effective in helping to reduce excess weight, increase stamina and strength.

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