The magic of Thailand Beaches

Thailand is a very popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia. In this country, you can find almost everything like entertainment and relaxation- dense forest, stunning infrastructure, glittering nightclubs, sacred temples and especially the beaches of Thailand. People from all over the globe visit Thailand for its exotic and tropical beaches. It provides overwhelming options of many astounding beaches which you would definitely love.


Thailand is a place which offers something for everyone. There are many enchanting beaches in Thailand where you will find yourself in a place different from the rest of the world. Railey Beach in Krabi is one of the most popular beaches in the country for its quiet and peaceful environment. This beach is only accessible through boats from Krabi and Ao Nang. This is a perfect place for rejuvenation and family outing especially you can visit Railey Beach with your kids. Patong Beach, the largest beach in Phuket is very pretty and popular. It is a very interesting place with a wide coastline and ample of restaurants and hotels. You can also shop for various goods within a short distance. Just some miles away from the busy Patong Beach is the Kata Beach in the southern part of Phuket. This beach offers everything- beauty, scenery, warm water and calmness which makes it a perfect holiday destination. Koh Samui, a beach close to the capital city of Thailand will make you forget all your worries and stress. Kalim Beach in Phuket is a great spot for experienced surfers. Tonsai Beach in Krabi is another beach which is only accessible by boat or Kayak. This is a rock climbing spot with a wide range of accommodation.

Airways would be the easiest and fastest way to travel across the country. With many airports in Thailand, traveling seems to be extremely easy and comfortable. There are many trains available to travel around the country. The beaches in Thailand are commendable and are definitely worth visiting it.

The influx of Chinese tourists to Maya Bay : read at  thaipbs news .

The influx of Chinese tourists to Maya Bay, the main tourist attraction of Phi Phi archipelago in the Andaman Sea, and the scene of the Hollywood film “The Beach” in 1999 is now causing serious concern of its natural charm and beauty among  environmentalists and Thai people if no preservation action is taken by authorities.

Concern rises after photos of  the jam packed beach with thousands of tourists, mostly Chinese, were posted  on the Facebook page of Niruth Darid Bannob on Thursday.

The Facebook user wrote “we heard powerful people in Krabi said the selling points of Krabi are its serenity and untainted natural beauty. But what they are doing or trying to is totally opposite”

“Why should they want it to grow so fast.  It is not sustainable..visitors just come and go and it is the locals who have to live with the spoilt nature. Immense revenues from tourism could never help to buy back the nature.”.

The posting of photos of the jam packed beach on Maya went viral on the social network with many questioning the marine park authorities for allowing so many tourists to the island even it was a normal working day.


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