Six Interesting Places to Visit in Thailand

Besides world known Bangkok and Phuket, Thailand has many other places that are very interesting and because people usually don’t have much time to make plans when they are on vacation we’ve made a list of seven places that are worth visiting while you are in Thailand. Check this list and begin with the plans for your dream vacation in the land of smiles!

  1. Ayutthaya – This place was the ancient capital of the kingdom of Siam (Thailand) until it was ransacked by Burmese conquerors. This place is close to Bangkok which makes it suitable for visiting. It will take you less than two hours by train to get there. Make sure to check the famous tree that grows around a stone statue of Buddha’s head.
  2. Railay – If you enjoy rock climbing, beautiful beaches and scenery then Railay is the place to go. Although it is not an island, because of the specific terrain you can get there only by boat. So, prepare your equipment and cameras and head to Railay.
  3. Kanchanaburi – You can get here by train or by bus. This location is around two hours drive from Bangkok. People who enjoy history will love this place known for World War II battles. linkToTh2014-03                                                 You can also visit the popular Tiger Temple (where you can take a close look of numerous tigers), Erawan national park and Taweechai elephant camp.
  4. Khao Sok National Park – This is one of the most popular national parks in Thailand. It is located in Southern Thailand and thanks to the comfy lodges and bungalows a lot of tourists both from Thailand and around the world travel there every year. Here you can see beautiful and rare rainforests, waterfalls and participate in jungle trekking.
  5. Khao yai National Park – This is another popular national park but this one is located in northern Thailand so you can see completely different wildlife scenery. This park is protected by UNESCO. It is known for endangered wild animal species including tigers and monkeys. There are also more than 300 species of birds that live in this national park.
  6. Mae Hong Son – If you are feeling more adventurous visit this remote quiet town in northwest Thailand in order to feel a place that is not yet conquered by mass tourism. People there are very friendly and they will let you get familiar with their culture. There are plenty of waterfalls and caves around the town where you can go.

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