Thailand – The World’s Best Travel Destination

The diversity of Thailand is a real magnet for tourists from different parts of the world. From the entertainment in the capital of Bangkok, to the beautiful beaches of the south and the amazing adventure trekking tours in the North, Thailand has everything to satisfy even the pickiest tourists.

The official name of Thailand is The Kingdom of Thailand and this constitutional monarchy has the world’s longest-serving current head of state – King Rama IX.

Thailand has a population of 66 million people and 75% of them are Thais while 14% are Chinese. Although Thai language is the official language of Thailand a lot of people there know English mostly because of the expansion of the tourist industry.

Thailand has a moderate climate and doesn’t have some extreme changes in the temperature over the year but if you want to travel there and catch the best season than it is recommended to travel between November and February. This period is less rainy and the temperatures are optimal. Another thing why is is good to visit Thailand in this period is because of the numerous festivals that take place. Of course different regions have their own optimal climate periods so do a little research before going there.

When it comes to places that you should visit, keep in mind that there is no chance to visit even the slightest percentage of Thailand’s attractions in a couple of weeks so we are giving a short list of the ones that are most interesting for foreign tourists:

–          Phang Nga Bay – Located about 50 miles from the island of Phuket, this bay is one of the most picturesque places in Thailand. You can visit one of the many caves and limestone islands. Many tourist use kayaks to explore this beautiful bay.

–          Rai Leh – This little peninsula is accessible only by boat because of the many cliffs that surround it. These cliffs attract climbers from all over the globe and the area is also a popular attraction in Thailand because of the stunning beaches and calm relaxed atmosphere.

–          The Grand Palace – This palace is probably one of the biggest attraction n Bangkok because of its history and extraordinary architecture.

–          Kho Tarutao – This island is located in Southern Thailand and it is famous for the different species of animals that live there – sea turtles, whales, macaque monkeys, exotic lizards etc. Besides that you can enjoy one of the many beaches and waterfalls.


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