The Destination of your Dreams

Thailand is a country that is perfect for a winter getaway but it is also suitable for every other season in the year because the climate there is ideal! This country will certainly kindle your imagination and passion and all you have to do is enjoy and relax its beauties.

The kingdom of Thailand is one of the most beautiful places for all those who want to feel divine and for those who want to get away from their everyday life for a brief period. Thailand is also known as one of the most admired destination for newlywed couples. You can walk and enjoy on hidden amazing beaches, enjoy the unparallel and exotic culture or simply relax in some deep shadow by the sea. This is a place where you will definitely forget about your job and you will even forget to check your cell phone or computer, devices that we foolishly think that we can’t live without. There are many popular tourist spots in Thailand but we suggest you visit these three that we consider to be the most beautiful in whole Thailand. Thailand is known for the low prices but if you don’t have the money, you should certainly start saving because Thailand is a country that needs to be visited at least once in a lifetime. You should watch the Muay Thai or Thai boxing in Thailand and you can read the Business of Muay Thai  .

Phuket Island also known as the Pearl of the South is the largest island in Thailand. The average temperature is 22 to 33 Celsius and because of this climate Phuket Island is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourist every year. People who enjoy sea food will love Phuket – different types of fish, crabs and shells are some of the things they will find here. Those who like unusual landscapes with exotic animals and dense jungles take some of the cheap tours that available on Phuket. There are many Muay Thai camps in Phuket too .


Krabi is an area known for its spectacular landscapes. There are many parks here where you can see birds nesting in rocks, elephants and different animals. There are few small attractive islands like Ko Lanta Yai for example that are worth visiting.

The third destination is Phi Phi Islands. You can go there every day from Krabi or Phuket by boat. This is actually an archipelago with six islands. The beautiful sandy beaches are surrounded with high hills and the incredible crystal clear water hides many corals.

These are some of the magnificent places that make Thailand such a popular travel destination!

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