Top European Tourist Destinations

Europe is one of the most beautiful continents on the globe. It has unique natural beauties, various buildings, modern architecture and historical monuments which make Europe special and irresistible for travelers from different continents. There are beauties around every corner in Europe but there are some places that are considered to be the most visited and most attractive when it comes to tourism.
Costa Brava, Spain
This coastal region is located in north eastern Catalonia (Spain) and has pleasant climate and beautiful beaches which makes it attractive for tourist during the whole year and especially in summer. If you are one of those tourists that seek more than sun an beaches, Costa Brava has places that can offer you feel the tradition and culture of Catalonia.
Danube Delta, Romania
This is the second biggest river delta in Europe, after Volga in Russia. The Danube Delta has beautiful and untouched world that exists since ancient times and it is equally preserved as it once was. They say that it is one of the most beautiful regions when it comes to nature.
Meteora, Greece
This place is actually a group of Orthodox Christian monasteries that will amaze you with their beauty. They are situated on a high rock-pillars and it is this unusual position that makes this place so amazing. If you like to see more interesting monasteries, you can travel trough Greece because there are hundreds of them there.
Loire Castles, France
The valley of river Loire is famous for the castles that are situated there for a couple of hundred years. According to some experts they are the most beautiful and elegant castles in the world because of their unique and precise architecture and the picturesque French countryside around them.
Githorn, Netherlands
You have never heard of this hidden gem located in Netherlands. Githorn is a small town in Overijssel province and what makes it special is that it doesn’t have roads! People mostly use electric boats for transport as well as bikes. This is a great way to escape the noise of the bigger cities.
Tuscany, Italy
There are 20 regions in Italy and one of the most famous is Tuscany. You might have heard this name if you are a fan of romantic movies. Tuscany is known for the villas, traditional houses and the breath-taking landscape. This might be the perfect place to taste a beautiful wine and relax.

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