Amazing Thailand

Amazing Thailand, an incredible journey in a place where people can meet a completely new culture, new people, new tastes and new experiences. Thailand is known as a mysterious and exotic country. It attracts people because of its unexploredness and special eastern exotics. Tourist travel to Thailand in order to see some amazing Buddhist temples and royal palaces, the slow paced life and of course the beautiful nature. Everyone that steps in this land will instantly fall in love with it. Besides that, people go to Thailand in order to see and admire the stunning beauty of the landscape, the golden sandy beaches, lush greenery and the crystal clear sky that is reflected in the sea. Thailand is also a home to many ancient cities and structures. Travelers here can expect true hospitality.
Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and it represents a unique mixture of the East and the West, calmness and the fast paced life. One of the most visited districts is of course the old districts that are mostly located in the center of the city and they date back from the middle of the 18th century. The royal Palace with the temple where you can find the Emerald Buddha statue *Wat Phra Kaeo) is one of the most famous architectural wonders of Thailand. There are few other interesting ancient temples located in Bangkok like Wat Pho for example. Tourist can also enjoy the Dusit park and zoo, the national gallery, national museum, Rajadamnoen stadium where they can witness some Muay Thai matches. During night people can enjoy some of the dozens pubs, restaurants and nightclubs.
Bangkok is not the only destination where people travel when they want to visit Thailand. Phuket Island is another tourist hotspot and real tourist center in this part of Asia that is full with amazing landscapes. The island Koh Pan Gan is also known as Ibiza of Asia. If you are in Thailand try to visit Phi Phi Island and Maya Bay – the place where the movie “The Beach” was filmed.
Wherever you go on Thailand don’t forget to try the incredible local cuisine, fresh fruit juices and enjoy cheap shopping!

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