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Thailand – The World’s Best Travel Destination

The diversity of Thailand is a real magnet for tourists from different parts of the world. From the entertainment in the capital of Bangkok, to the beautiful beaches of the south and the amazing adventure trekking tours in the North, Thailand has everything to satisfy even the pickiest tourists.

The official name of Thailand is The Kingdom of Thailand and this constitutional monarchy has the world’s longest-serving current head of state – King Rama IX.

Thailand has a population of 66 million people and 75% of them are Thais while 14% are Chinese. Although Thai language is the official language of Thailand a lot of people there know English mostly because of the expansion of the tourist industry.

Thailand has a moderate climate and doesn’t have some extreme changes in the temperature over the year but if you want to travel there and catch the best season than it is recommended to travel between November and February. This period is less rainy and the temperatures are optimal. Another thing why is is good to visit Thailand in this period is because of the numerous festivals that take place. Of course different regions have their own optimal climate periods so do a little research before going there.

When it comes to places that you should visit, keep in mind that there is no chance to visit even the slightest percentage of Thailand’s attractions in a couple of weeks so we are giving a short list of the ones that are most interesting for foreign tourists:

–          Phang Nga Bay – Located about 50 miles from the island of Phuket, this bay is one of the most picturesque places in Thailand. You can visit one of the many caves and limestone islands. Many tourist use kayaks to explore this beautiful bay.

–          Rai Leh – This little peninsula is accessible only by boat because of the many cliffs that surround it. These cliffs attract climbers from all over the globe and the area is also a popular attraction in Thailand because of the stunning beaches and calm relaxed atmosphere.

–          The Grand Palace – This palace is probably one of the biggest attraction n Bangkok because of its history and extraordinary architecture.

–          Kho Tarutao – This island is located in Southern Thailand and it is famous for the different species of animals that live there – sea turtles, whales, macaque monkeys, exotic lizards etc. Besides that you can enjoy one of the many beaches and waterfalls.


Six Interesting Places to Visit in Thailand

Besides world known Bangkok and Phuket, Thailand has many other places that are very interesting and because people usually don’t have much time to make plans when they are on vacation we’ve made a list of seven places that are worth visiting while you are in Thailand. Check this list and begin with the plans for your dream vacation in the land of smiles!

  1. Ayutthaya – This place was the ancient capital of the kingdom of Siam (Thailand) until it was ransacked by Burmese conquerors. This place is close to Bangkok which makes it suitable for visiting. It will take you less than two hours by train to get there. Make sure to check the famous tree that grows around a stone statue of Buddha’s head.
  2. Railay – If you enjoy rock climbing, beautiful beaches and scenery then Railay is the place to go. Although it is not an island, because of the specific terrain you can get there only by boat. So, prepare your equipment and cameras and head to Railay.
  3. Kanchanaburi – You can get here by train or by bus. This location is around two hours drive from Bangkok. People who enjoy history will love this place known for World War II battles. linkToTh2014-03                                                 You can also visit the popular Tiger Temple (where you can take a close look of numerous tigers), Erawan national park and Taweechai elephant camp.
  4. Khao Sok National Park – This is one of the most popular national parks in Thailand. It is located in Southern Thailand and thanks to the comfy lodges and bungalows a lot of tourists both from Thailand and around the world travel there every year. Here you can see beautiful and rare rainforests, waterfalls and participate in jungle trekking.
  5. Khao yai National Park – This is another popular national park but this one is located in northern Thailand so you can see completely different wildlife scenery. This park is protected by UNESCO. It is known for endangered wild animal species including tigers and monkeys. There are also more than 300 species of birds that live in this national park.
  6. Mae Hong Son – If you are feeling more adventurous visit this remote quiet town in northwest Thailand in order to feel a place that is not yet conquered by mass tourism. People there are very friendly and they will let you get familiar with their culture. There are plenty of waterfalls and caves around the town where you can go.

Get Perfect Travel Agency for Great Thailand Tour Packages

Thailand is beautiful tourist destination in Asia. Thailand has a lot of tourist attractions, adventure sport and fascinating attraction for international tourist. For many people, Thailand becomes favourite country for adventure tropical landscape, welcoming destination, friendly peoples and nice place for drinking and shopping. For this reason, many international tourists come and visit Thailand for entertaining and unforgettable vacation. This country offer awesome adventure and beauty scenery for international traveller to spend their travel perfectly. Many tourists are enjoying white sand beaches, hot spring, exotic marine adventure, crystal water, beautiful coral reef and attractive parks.


If you are planning to visit Thailand, it is important to search and get reputable travel agency that offer effective tour packages to Thailand. Good travel agency is usually offered expertise tour programs, travel, taxi services; accommodation service includes meal service with affordable and reasonable rates. You can choose and explore every tour packages given by travel agency. Most Thailand tour packages start from Bangkok tour. Every traveller can explore and enjoy the beauty and wonderful city. Bangkok is one of crowded city in Asia and has a lot of cultures. Phuket tour is another destination when you visit Thailand. Phuket city is the largest island for tourist spot in holiday season.


There are many online travel agencies available on the internet. You can find and choose the agent who offers excellent tour service in Thailand. The first thing to do is searching on search engine and gets full information about Thailand tour packages. You are also can find and read any online review for tour feedback or impression from past customers. If they give positive impression review, the travel agency might perfect for your travel. Before you visit Thailand, you can search and explore any tourist attractions such as; Thailand national parks, beaches, rain forest, country side people, and culture on the internet. It is advisable to make a short list of tour destination what you want to visit. Once you find the right agency, do not hesitate to explore more Thailand tour packages with their rich cultures, exotic natural beach, awesome wildlife and beauty history of Thailand. Your agent will assists and guide you for exciting holiday and unforgettable vacation in Thailand.

Thailand – the Place where Tourists Always Come Back


In the past decade there were a lot of unfortunate events in Thailand – few terrorist attacks, bird flu, tsunami, political unrest… however tourists flock to Thailand every year like nothing has happened. Every person that has visited Thailand knows the reason and if you have a dilemma if you should choose Thailand or some other exotic travel destination, we suggest you to read this article and make a decision.


The capital cities are usually the places where we first meet one country and its people. Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand or Krung Thep (City of Angels) as the locals call it.


Although Thailand and Bangkok can be visited during the whole year it is probably the best option to visit it during the winter, because it is very dry unlike autumn for example when it is the period of monsoons and the air has high levels of humidity. But regardless of rains and humidity the temperature is always high and 10-15 minutes after the rain everything is dry again. In Bangkok you can see a lot of friendly and pleasant people. Most of them respect the royal family so making jokes about it is not recommended. You can notice pictures of the royal family all around Bangkok. Thai cuisine which can be experienced on every corner in Bangkok is excellent, the combination of spices is perfect, you can have a snack for 0.5$ although it is better to try something a little bit more expensive because you don’t know how your stomach can react to street food in a foreign country. Bangkok is a city without a classic center which could confuse tourists accustomed to European type of cities. This can be a little bit difficult in terms of orientation but you can take a tuk-tuk at any time for cheap price and go to the place you want quickly. If you are looking for a place to experience the night life and pleasures of Bangkok we suggest you visit Pat Phong district. Don’t forget to visit the floating markets and take a tour to the most famous Buddhist temples in the city.


If you want to explore Thailand furthermore take a trip to Phuket. It is an island on the south, around 900 kilometers from Bangkok. This island offers some amazing tours, especially the ones to Phang Nga National Park and Phi Phi Islands. The island of Phuket doesn’t have some significant cultural attractions but it is known for its beautiful nature (amazing cascading waterfalls, beautiful lookouts and one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet – Kata, Karon and Patong Beach). 20 km north of Patong beach you can visit Fantasea Show complex where you can see shows with live animals and dozens of acrobats.


Thailand is amazing and these are some of the reasons why every tourist that has visited Thailand makes plans to come back again.