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“Trans Asia” open a new path “Bangkok – Osaka”

“Trans Asia” open a new path “Bangkok – Osaka” .

Trans Asia expands the flight to penetrate the market in Japan after the free visa. Now, open the flight Bangkok – Osaka after successful to penetrate the market Bangkok – Taiwan on the early years.

Trans Asia Airways a Taiwanese private airline expand the flights to Japan after the free visa. Now, they open the new path “Bangkok – Osaka” by Airbus 330 aircraft with 300 seats including 32 Business Class seats and 268 class seats with Full Service Airlines.

The departure Bangkok – Osaka flights will go out from Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) with GE868 flight at 19.25 am to Taiwan (Taipei – Taoyuan Airport) for continue the flight to Osaka (Kansai airport) in Japan.

The arrival flight will go out from Osaka (Kansai Airport) with GE601 flight at 12.40 pm (Japan time faster than Thailand 2 hours) for continue the flight to Taiwan and come back to Thailand at 16.00 pm.

In addition the path Bangkok – Osaka, Trans Asia also has the flights to different cities in several paths including Tokyo, Sapporo, Okinawa, Narita or Korea such as Busan, Jeju etc. Thailand has the flight “Bangkok – Taiwan” open daily only one flight. It is the main path for continue the flight to other path.

About the marketing plan, the Trans Asia aim to passengers from Taiwan goes to Thailand about 70% and Thailand goes to Taiwan about 30% and plans to focus on selling through agents.

Shop around Thailand and never find yourself stopping!

Shopping is one of the prime activities which every tourist to Thailand is excited about. For every reason, Thailand is one of the most popular shopping destinations for visitors. Let’s have a look at the most popular ones which would help you figure out where to shop, what entity to buy, and in what way the tour of Thailand could be an enchanting shopping experience like never before. Right from the boutiques of the capital city, Bangkok’s interconnected mega-malls to the bustling Thai night markets, shopping in Thailand is an experience as well as a bargain. Here is a mosaic of an opinion.

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The most widely known Bangkok’s district among young and tight-budget travelers is the Khao San Road. It is a short street located near the Grand Palace at a 10 minutes walking distance. Truly, Khao San Road certainly has everything a single backpacker would need: a plethora of cheap accommodations to stay at, a raft of delightful restaurants and bars offering quality –elite and international cum local foods and drinks, several money exchange counters, tour operators to help in trouble hours and to plan visits in remote areas of Thailand.

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With its very convenient location, it is easy for travelers staying on Khao San Road to get around the town on foot or bicycle, visiting Bangkok’s fascinating cultural landmarks like The Grand Palace, Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Wat Po, the City Pillar Shrine, the National Museum and the National Gallery. Doesn’t it present to you the most magnificent of shopping-roaming experience? I don’t doubt it.

My second most preferred location to go shopping in Thailand is Pratunam. It has been Bangkok’s largest wholesale neighborhood for centuries, decades before there’re those Platunum, Paladium and Shibuya 19 wholesale malls. The area at one corner of Petchaburi and Ratchaprarop roads might look dodgy from the outside but the real trading activities are taking place behind the street-side shop-houses. You pay a visit and dazzle yourself with the bustling activities. Going inside, you’ll find almost everything in fashion apparels from printed t-shirts to trendy jeans at best ever bargained prices (I’d call it min-blowing) for wholesales in purchase. Due to this, not only individual travelers but the traders also flock to this place and pay for the offerings to be sold Thailand wide. But I must add here that, if you are going to buy fewer than a dozen or twenty pieces of something, shops at wholesale malls across the street would offer relatively suitable deals, though unable to compare with Pratunam wholesale prices at every aspect involved.

So, the next time you visit Thailand, do not forget to take a tour around these places and find yourself in love with the shopping fiesta which is at display, or at sale I should say!