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“Trans Asia” open a new path “Bangkok – Osaka”

“Trans Asia” open a new path “Bangkok – Osaka” .

Trans Asia expands the flight to penetrate the market in Japan after the free visa. Now, open the flight Bangkok – Osaka after successful to penetrate the market Bangkok – Taiwan on the early years.

Trans Asia Airways a Taiwanese private airline expand the flights to Japan after the free visa. Now, they open the new path “Bangkok – Osaka” by Airbus 330 aircraft with 300 seats including 32 Business Class seats and 268 class seats with Full Service Airlines.

The departure Bangkok – Osaka flights will go out from Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) with GE868 flight at 19.25 am to Taiwan (Taipei – Taoyuan Airport) for continue the flight to Osaka (Kansai airport) in Japan.

The arrival flight will go out from Osaka (Kansai Airport) with GE601 flight at 12.40 pm (Japan time faster than Thailand 2 hours) for continue the flight to Taiwan and come back to Thailand at 16.00 pm.

In addition the path Bangkok – Osaka, Trans Asia also has the flights to different cities in several paths including Tokyo, Sapporo, Okinawa, Narita or Korea such as Busan, Jeju etc. Thailand has the flight “Bangkok – Taiwan” open daily only one flight. It is the main path for continue the flight to other path.

About the marketing plan, the Trans Asia aim to passengers from Taiwan goes to Thailand about 70% and Thailand goes to Taiwan about 30% and plans to focus on selling through agents.